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Every new development needs
an energy architect

Energy Architecture is the practice of designing a combination of the best onsite generation technologies based on local energy markets and the building’s energy needs. Advances in energy technologies such as natural gas microturbines, batteries, solar panels, and building control systems have made this possible.

Individuals and businesses have more direction over their energy supply than ever before. David Energy is committed to helping developers wade through the complexities of choosing the optimal design given the energy market and array of available technologies. Slight alterations in building design or implementation of new onsite energy generating technologies can save enormous amounts of energy over the lifetime of a building and drastically improve the value of a building.

We believe in "Hedonistic Sustainability"; no longer do we have to choose between environmental sustainability and economic profitability. Advancements in combined heat and power, solar, energy storage, wind, and other exciting new technologies have ushered in a new era of energy consumption where the user can save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the same time.
Energy Architecture is as much of an art as it is a science. We not only want to educate customers on the cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable energy options available, we want them to be seamlessly integrated into new and existing developments. Through this integration we can make energy usage better for the environment without sacrificing our way of life.



Our current projects

CoGen in the northeast

David Energy is currently focused on originating and investing in Cogen (otherwise known as CHP) projects for building owners and Co-ops in the Tri-State area. CHP systems provide extra revenue (or energy savings) for building owners, backup power in case the grid goes down, and reduce carbon emissions compared to buying grid power. CHP systems allow building owners to bill tenants directly for their power. This means that the owner can increase their per square foot revenue by charging the tenant for electricity on top of rent. Think of it as getting a slice of all that money that goes to the utility. 

For example, a centrally-heated NYC apartment building with 150 units could call for up a $1 million investment with a 3-4 year payback. On average, CHP systems in NYC generate power for around $0.06/kwh, while the private electric utility David Energy sets up is allowed to charge up to retail rates, often as high as $0.28/kwh.

CHP generators use the domestic natural gas supply to generate electricity, and the waste heat can be used for central heating or cooling. This allows for systems that are more efficient than even grid power plants can be and allows for the lights to stay on even when the grid goes down.

David Energy designs and finances these systems. We help building owners identify investment opportunities, provide full or partial CAPEX if needed, and bring the project through to commission. We are currently in the process of closing our first few projects in the NE. Please see our contact page if you would like to learn more.