David Energy
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 Onsite energy architects 


Creating the Modern electricity provider

David Energy is becoming the first ever Retail Electricity Provider (REP) to cater to and deal exclusively with customers with Behind the Meter (BTM) assets, such as:

Distributed Generation

  • Solar

  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

  • Battery Storage

  • Fuel Cells


  • Electric Car Charging

  • HVAC Control and Nests

  • Battery Storage

  • Demand Response (DR)

Behind The Meter (BTM) assets can help lower your energy bills 10-30% while giving you more control of your own bills and usage. David Energy helps walk you through the entire process, selecting the best mix of assets for your particular building and consumption profile. We can design, install, and finance any mix of BTM assets through our partnerships. We then link these assets to wholesale energy markets using our own sophisticated machine learning platform, something no other provider can offer. This means we can keep your assets responding to wholesale market signals and Demand Response programs, without you having to worry about a thing.

David Energy is creating the Modern Electricity Provider, bringing energy companies into the software age.