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Increase revenue with onsite
energy architecture

David Energy designs and invests in onsite energy systems. We partner with industrial, commercial, and residential building owners and developers to increase the value of their project. We do this by creating the cheapest, cleanest, and most reliable form of energy to tenants for each location or environment. Taking a holistic approach to energy infrastructure from the ground up can lower energy costs compared to retail by 20-50%, while giving users more reliable and cleaner power than what the grid can provide.

Most importantly, developers and building owners can bill tenants directly for the power produced, creating added revenue, or pass along the energy savings to tenants. David Energy establishes private electric utilities that can bill tenants directly for the power produced by the systems. The revenues promised from these utilities can also be used to finance retrofits like boiler replacements, instead of taking out a loan.

David Energy projects can be PEER certified, a new certification from the creators of LEED, raising the sustainability profile of your buildings. Furthermore, David Energy projects will help raise buildings' NYC Building Energy Grade, a grade A-F that will have to be posted on the front of large buildings by 2020. We build systems that are technology agnostic; solar, wind, batteries, fuel cells, cogeneration or combined heat and power units, dynamic building control systems, and a host of other configurations are all taken into consideration during the design process. Most importantly, we take our client's input to build a personalized grid that meets all of their unique needs and can manage these assets for the life of the building. You can think of us a better version of the local utility company.

So ask yourself, why are your tenants paying the utility for electricity, when they could be paying you?




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